TripleSFoalsTriple S Performance Quarter horse’s goal and commitment is to produce world class, quality performance horses with good minds, willing attitudes, athletic
ability, and excellent bloodlines as well as good looks.
Triple S Performance Quarter Horses is proud to be standing Chevy Lena colthomepageat our facility here in Moses Lake, Washington
chevyMudslideSired by Lenas Heavy Duty, by the great Doc O Lena, out of our Peppy San Badger, King Fritz mare.This little palomino stallion is all heart, he has a big stop and a willing attitude, he is athletic, smart, and loves to go to work. He is a dream to ride, and has a beautiful head. So far he has produced color every time. Click here to visit our stallion page for more photos.We would love to have you come by and see our beautiful stallion and the very nice foals he is producing.And while you are here don’t forget to visit our for sale page to see the nice horses we have for sale. You can get there by clicking here or take a look at some accessories over at Equestrian Equipment.

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